The power of nature.

Just as it should be, today and tomorrow.

If a cleaning agent enhances the beauty of your environment by tapping into the power of nature, then – and only then – can it be called the perfect detergent. Triam Chemicals has developed cleaning products that meet the highest standards while maintaining a harmonious balance with nature. It achieves this through outstandingly efficient formulas and completely biodegradable solutions.

Triam for home.

Naturally clean – home sweet home.

Experience how Triam power detergent makes light work of cleaning. Our products for a spotless home provide lasting freshness and like all other Triam cleaning products, they are biodegradable. Clean naturally!

Triam for gastronomy.

Mother Nature as your guest.

How would you clean up your restaurant if you were expecting Mother Nature as a guest? Exactly. With Triam cleaning products, you serve every guest with a clear conscience.

Triam for the company fleet.

Responsibility on the road.

If your fleet is a reflection of your company’s image, then it cannot shine and sparkle enough. But a good appearance must also be backed up by a sustainable approach. Voilà.

Triam for the food industry.

Clean and fresh – nature’s recipe.

The food industry requires the highest standards of hygiene and safety. And we are the experts – naturally clean, just like our beer.


Via San Francesco, 10
72020 Erchie (Brindisi)

Via San Francesco, 10
72020 Erchie (Brindisi)

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+39 340 4885398